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Robert Mugabe’s Accomplices: Iran’s Ahmadinejad Opens Zimbabwe’s International Trade Fair

By OBERT MADONDO Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Zimbabwe this week primarily to open Zimbabwe’s international trade fair. But there is nothing non-political about the visit. In fact, the Iranian leader’s visit was deliberately political. It was part of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s continuing personal war against the West. Mr. Mugabe is under Western sanctions … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: West’s ALLY Morgan Tsvangirai Cheers As Gays Are Harassed And Raped

But then, Mr. Tsvangirai is following in Mr. Mugabe’s footsteps. He is a Robert Mugabe in democratic disguise. Continue reading

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Obama, EU Sanctions Continue to Weaken Morgan Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai. Image via Wikipedia By OBERT MADONDO The West’s racist sanctions on Zimbabwe continue to weaken the one person they’re meant to benefit: Zimbabwe Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. Last week, British foreign secretary David Miliband admitted that the EU sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe will only be lifted on the advice of the … Continue reading

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Inside Africa: Zimbabwe

Embedded video from CNN Video

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Are European Leaders Desperate to Embrace Mugabe?

Image via Wikipedia By OBERT MADONDO This is the Obama era. It is the era of dialogue and engagement. But are Europeans desperate to embrace Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe? For the last seven years, the EU has led a concerted campaign to isolate and demonize the veteran Zimbabwean leader following a disputed presidential poll in … Continue reading

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Tsvangirai Nobel Peace Prize “Nomination” Scandalous

Image via Wikipedia By OBERT MADONDO So, Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister-designate, Morgan Tsvangirai, lost the coveted 2008 Nobel Peace Prize to former Finnish president Artti Ahtisaari? What rank nonsense! Tsvangirai may never have been on the coveted 2008 shortlist to begin with. We have a potential Zimbabwe Nobelgate scandal here. Tsvangirai’s supporters may have exploited the … Continue reading

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