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UK Election: Robert Mugabe BACKS David Cameron

British PM, David Cameron By OBERT MADONDO Global Diversity Post | Mr. David Cameron is going to make Robert Mugabe happy, very, very happy. But only if he wins the UK election and becomes PM. The veteran Zimbabwe leader endorsed Mr. Cameron. He claims he has always had better relations with the Conservatives. TRUE. Throughout … Continue reading

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Robert Mugabe’s Accomplices: Iran’s Ahmadinejad Opens Zimbabwe’s International Trade Fair

By OBERT MADONDO Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Zimbabwe this week primarily to open Zimbabwe’s international trade fair. But there is nothing non-political about the visit. In fact, the Iranian leader’s visit was deliberately political. It was part of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s continuing personal war against the West. Mr. Mugabe is under Western sanctions … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: West’s ALLY Morgan Tsvangirai Cheers As Gays Are Harassed And Raped

But then, Mr. Tsvangirai is following in Mr. Mugabe’s footsteps. He is a Robert Mugabe in democratic disguise. Continue reading

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Robert Mugabe’s Accomplices: Julius Malema Receives Hero’s Welcome in Zimbabwe

By OBERT MADONDO South Africa’s ruling ANC party youth leader Julius Malema is one big headache South Africa cannot afford to ignore. But he is also turning out to be Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s newest praise-singer. The High Court in Pretoria recently banned Malema from singing the apartheid-era “Dubula ibhunu” – (shoot the boer). The song inspired the … Continue reading

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UK Blows £27m on New Zimbabwe Embassy

Having failed to dislodge former puppet Robert Mugabe from power, the British government is now preparing the for the era of the next Zimbabwe puppet, Morgan Tsvangirai. This report says the UK Foreign Office spend £27m on the new Harare embassy complex, completed last March.Obert Madondo, GLOBAL DIVERSITY POST, Mar 2010

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Obama, EU Sanctions Continue to Weaken Morgan Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai. Image via Wikipedia By OBERT MADONDO The West’s racist sanctions on Zimbabwe continue to weaken the one person they’re meant to benefit: Zimbabwe Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. Last week, British foreign secretary David Miliband admitted that the EU sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe will only be lifted on the advice of the … Continue reading

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Mugabe Officially Visits US While Massacre of Ndebeles Intensifies

By OBERT MADONDO Zimbabwe Prime Minister Robert Mugabe and late wife, Sally, departs Andrews Air Force Base after a state visit to the US. September 26, 1983 SOURCE: Wikipedia COMMENT: Two things that should make anyone who cares about human rights, equality and the sanctity of life sick to their stomach: The visit occured during … Continue reading

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Are European Leaders Desperate to Embrace Mugabe?

Image via Wikipedia By OBERT MADONDO This is the Obama era. It is the era of dialogue and engagement. But are Europeans desperate to embrace Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe? For the last seven years, the EU has led a concerted campaign to isolate and demonize the veteran Zimbabwean leader following a disputed presidential poll in … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe Roundup: Mugabe Earns $300 a Month

Image via Wikipedia By OBERT MADONDO Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe must be simultaneously hating his job and envying Lee Hsein Loong, the leader of Singapore. At $2.27 million annually, Loong is the highest paid politician in the world. Mugabe makes only US$300 a month. There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Mr. Mugabe. … Continue reading

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Both Mugabe & Tsvangirai Must Go!

By OBERT MADONDO On Zimbabwe President-elect Obama should do the unthinkable! He should ask Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Chance (MDC), to go. Both men are holding Zimbabwe to ransom. A deal for a unity government signed last September is stalled as both men wrangle over … Continue reading

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