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UK Election: Robert Mugabe BACKS David Cameron

David Cameron is a British politician, Leader ...
British PM, David Cameron


Global Diversity Post | Mr. David Cameron is going to make Robert Mugabe happy, very, very happy. But only if he wins the UK election and becomes PM.

The veteran Zimbabwe leader endorsed Mr. Cameron. He claims he has always had better relations with the Conservatives.


Throughout the 1980s, Mr. Mugabe, 86, unleashed a reign of terror in Zimbabwe. An estimated 10 000 blacks were publicly executed, buried alive or disappeared.

Mr. Mugabe remained a regular in London and other Western capitals. Queen Elizabeth knighted him. Scotland’s Edinburgh University awarded him an honorary degree. Mr. Mugabe even had Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives agreeing to pay for Zimbabwe’s land reform program.

Then Labor assumed power in the early 90s and things dramatically changed. First, Labor ditched the land deal.

In Zimbabwe, Mr. Mugabe’s violence continued. In 2000, he butchered 300 Zimbabweans. But now he made the ultimate mistake: 12 or so of the victims were white Zimbabweans.

The West’s anger was unprecedented, it’s reaction swift. Mr. Mugabe instantly became the demon that he is today. A vicious dictator. Human rights violator.

In 2002, Tony Blair’s Labor government imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, allegedly for stealing elections.

But even a retard understands the true purpose of the Zimbabwe sanctions:

  1. Punishing Mr. Mugabe for killing whites, and for reclaiming white-owned land. Of course we’re supposed to have already forgotten that most of the land ended up in white control through mass murder, lynching and daylight robbery.
  2. Punishing ordinary Zimbabweans – for failing to remove Mr. Mugabe from power during the last 30 years.
  3. Reminding to Morgan Tsvangirai, the Zimbabwe PM and that if he ever hurts or disadvantages Zimbabwe’s whites when he assumes power, he’ll be severely punished.
  4. Giving the gullible folks in the West the illusion that they’re positively engaged in the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe.

Welcome to the new racism!

Let’s hope Mr. Mugabe is right to assume that the Conservatives are less racist, less vindictive, than Labor.

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