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Robert Mugabe’s Accomplices: Iran’s Ahmadinejad Opens Zimbabwe’s International Trade Fair

By OBERT MADONDO Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Zimbabwe this week primarily to open Zimbabwe’s international trade fair. But there is nothing non-political about the visit. In fact, the Iranian leader’s visit was deliberately political. It was part of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s continuing personal war against the West. Mr. Mugabe is under Western sanctions … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: West’s ALLY Morgan Tsvangirai Cheers As Gays Are Harassed And Raped

But then, Mr. Tsvangirai is following in Mr. Mugabe’s footsteps. He is a Robert Mugabe in democratic disguise. Continue reading

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Robert Mugabe’s Accomplices: Julius Malema Receives Hero’s Welcome in Zimbabwe

By OBERT MADONDO South Africa’s ruling ANC party youth leader Julius Malema is one big headache South Africa cannot afford to ignore. But he is also turning out to be Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s newest praise-singer. The High Court in Pretoria recently banned Malema from singing the apartheid-era “Dubula ibhunu” – (shoot the boer). The song inspired the … Continue reading

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